Made in the USA! Handcrafted in Bandera, Texas. Shipping and Handling is Free!!!!!

Basic Log	Cabin PRICE:$59.95 Basic Log Cabin

These cabins make great gifts for any occasion. They are handcrafted by me in my workshop in Bandera, Texas. I have added a LOG CABIN URN!!! to my product line. The measurements for this urn cabin is: 14 1/4 inches wide 13 inches deep and 13 inches high. The inside measurements are: 11 inches wide, 7 inches deep and 5 inches tall. I can customize it to be bigger or smaller.

I also do custom orders. See my Custom Built Cabins page for more details. additional contact information: 210-262-2454 Bandera, Texas, 78003

They are reasonably priced, especially for an item of such quality craftsmanship. I have added a new item! I now have outhouse Christmas ornaments in a variety of sizes and styles!!!

The price for a basic cabin is under $60.00 **** SHIPPING and HANDLING is FREE!!! **** I ship internationally!!

I also have the one novelty item, the Outhouse.
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  • Church	CabinPRICE:$69.95 Church Log Cabin
    Schoolhouse CabinPRICE:69.95 Schoolhouse Cabin
    urn log cabinPRICE:$550.00 urn log cabin
    Cabin with Porch	and SwingPRICE:$89.95 *New Item*
    Cabin with Porch and Swing This is my best seller


    Basic Log Cabin

    Schoolhouse Cabin

    Church Log Cabin

    Custom Built Cabins




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    I make miniature log cabins. They can be customized however you want. SHIPPING and HANDLING is FREE!!!! The standard models I have are the Basic Log Cabin, the Church Cabin, the Schoolhouse Cabin and the cabin with porch and swing. They can be used as jewelry boxes, or for other novelty things. I make my miniature log cabins in the standard sizes you see, but I can customize it easily. Please let me know what lining you want the cabin to have, if any. If you do not select a lining choice, the cabin will be lined with oak. There is no additional cost for lining the cabin with your choice of these items available.SHIPPING and HANDLING is FREE!!!! They can be felt-lined, which makes for great jewelry storage, or anything you want to treasure. They can also be lined with oak or cedar. Your choice. NOTE: The cabins shown are for illustration purposes only, the actual cabins may vary slightly when finished. I also make a novelty outhouse. The size of the outhouse is 5" by 4.5" by 2.5", this size can be changed to suit the customer. New product!!! I added an outhouse Christmas ornament. I have several color schemes and a variety of sizes to choose from. Please email me at: for more information.